What is Peak Oil Investing?

Peak Oil investing is a set of strategies to make rational economic decisions in the face of the radical financial, social and political transformations which are the inevitable consequences of significantly higher oil prices.

Peak Oil is the peaking of worldwide oil production, which may have already occurred, or will occur in the next five, ten, or fifteen years. Many experts argue that the peak of oil production will only be recognized in hind sight.
Regardless of when peak oil occurs, the aftermath will be higher energy prices and wild fluctuations, at least in relative terms, at the pump. Those consequences will ripple throughout every sector of the economy, resulting in challenges and opportunities of a magnitude unparalleled in human history.
Peak Oil investing seeks to find ways to guide capital allocations through the dislocations of this coming crisis in liquid energy sources and the first forced change in the dominant energy regime in human history. Opportunity will present itself in the form of new technologies to recover previously uneconomic oil and gas resources, in alternative energy forms and technology, from substitution effects as high energy prices force consumers and businesses to make new choices in everything from development patterns to retail to luxury goods.
To understand the importance of peak oil, read this recently declassified CIA analysis of the Soviet Union’s peaking oil production– an event which brought down the world’s other superpower.
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